By Mark Saldana

Rating: 4 (Out of 4 Stars)

This HBO Latino documentary film features a multitude of Hispanic and Latina women from different generations and all walks of life offering insight and perspective as women in their respective careers and cultures. Director Alberto Ferreras keeps it simple, focuses his camera on his individual subjects and lets them do the talking and sharing of some very personal life experiences. Ferreras films the stories and anecdotes of a newspaper CEO, an Olympic boxer, a nanny, a porn actress, and many more.

Ferreras has made an inspiring, engrossing, and emotional film celebrating the lives, work, and accomplishments of Latina women.  I must applaud these bold and brave women who agreed to bare their souls and share some of their most personal stories and emotions. Much laughter and tears will result from this outstanding piece of documentary filmmaking that I must highly recommend for men and women of all ages and cultures.  HBO Latino subscribers should definitely check the local listings for airing of this film and non-subscribers should check for availability online.




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