By Mark Saldana

Rating: 3.5 (Out of 4 Stars)

The second documentary I viewed at the festival is a fun and exciting film about the very intimate dance known as the tango and its current world-wide resurgence.  Argentinian director Pablo Hadis offers an entertaining and insightful film that features some of the artists and enthusiasts responsible for the dance’s return.  The documentary also includes interviews with people from all over the world whose passions revolve around this sexy and unforgettable form of dancing.

I had the pleasure of meeting director Pablo Hadis at the opening night party of the festival.  His enthusiasm and excitement for his entry got me interested.  Otherwise, I might have overlooked what I found to be a heartfelt and enjoyable love letter to an Argentinian tradition that has come back in a big way.  Through his film and his presentation of some of the subjects in it.   Hadis takes a slightly fictional approach and sets up the story in some creative and fun ways.  I would compare it to a talented storyteller selling some interesting factual events by making some slight embellishments to keep his audiences engaged and amused.  The film does get a tad repetitious with some of its gags, but still works as a whole fairly well.  Hadis’s love and passion for Argentina’s cultural tradition and its discovery by the world really shines through this solid and effervescent documentary.

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