Cine Las Americas 2018 Review: POLVO DE ESTRELLAS (STARDUST)

By Mark Saldana

Rating: 3.5 (4 Out of 4 Stars)

Because parents often have to be realistic and practical, and usually have their children’s best interests in mind, they are not always supportive of their children’s dreams and aspirations.  Such is the case with Hilario and his son Adan.  Everyday, Adan works along side his father collecting garbage to be taken to a landfill.  When Adan stops by a school to pick up their trash, he gets to briefly listen in on a lesson about our solar system and outer space.  This fuels Adan’s brain and imagination and sparks a desire to become more educated. 

This wondrous and lovable short from Mexican director Adolo Sotelo Lázaro is obviously a love letter to all the dreamers out there forced to toil along with their parents to provide food and shelter for their families.  In Mexico, not every child obviously gets the education they deserve and will have to work menial jobs the rest of their lives.  This film serves as a reminder that  children can be so much more and could possibly pursue the work of their dreams if given the appropriate opportunities.  This magical film celebrates the hearts and minds of children who deserve a chance to discover the wonders of the universe and maybe create some magic of their own.

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