Digital Copy Review: INCREDIBLES 2

By Mark Saldana

The long-awaited sequel to Disney/Pixar’s acclaimed and popular superhero movie is now available to own via digital, Blu-ray, DVD, and 4K Ultra HD.  I recently re-watched the equally lovable sequel and took a gander at some of the many extras available on these video formats.  Disney Home Entertainment has put together quite the package for movie fans who love to spend much time watching behind the scenes clips, bonus or deleted scenes and other kinds of extra fun stuff added to enhance the movie enjoyment experience. Regardless of the format, this video release is definitely a must own for fans of the film.My reaction to the movie when I first watched it theatrically was highly positive.  I felt that this second installment is equally as good as its predecessor, but still had some entertaining charms of its own.  After watching the film a second time, I definitely stand by my initial review.  As amusing and thrilling as Incredibles 2 is, the villain becomes obvious rather quickly and the story is merely a gender swap of the first movie.  The filmmakers do flesh out Bob Parr’s role as parent better, though, and it is refreshing to see strong female character Elastigirl enjoy the spotlight as a hero.  I still stand by my 3.5 (Out of 4 Stars) rating, but feel that the sequel does have an edge over the first movie.  This movie actually holds up better after viewing.

As for the extras, I was a bit overwhelmed at first when I scrolled through the many features, docs, and behind the scenes clips that show the hard work that goes into making a Disney/Pixar film.  Though a few clips seem superfluous, most of the material available offers some genuine insight into the creativity and imagination of the talents that created this movie.  As difficult, exhausting, and sometimes tedious the work might seem to a lay person, it is so enjoyable to see the filmmakers have so much fun working or recalling stories about how certain scenes came to be.  One particular clip shows a group of gifted women discuss their hard work on the development of the Elastigirl character and how they conceived and created some of her wonderful scenes and sequences for the movie.

I should also mention three particular shorts included in this package.  Included with this movie is a short titled, Auntie Edna, which plays like an extended or deleted scene, but was actually created for the video release.  This particular short treats audiences to the night when Edna babysits Jack Jack.  It is quite hilarious and almost demands to be included in the movie.  Also included is the short Bao, which played before Incredibles 2 during its theatrical release, and a short which details some of the work and inspiration that went into the making of this beautiful short film.

So, as one can probably already tell, I certainly love this digital movie offering and most of its extra materials.  The movie itself is great, and the bonuses make it all totally worth a purchase.


Movie Rating: 3.5 (Out of 4 Stars)

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Bonus Features: 3.5 (Out of 4 Stars)

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