Fantasia 2021: ALIEN ON STAGE

Imagine, if you will, a world where the movie Alien is re-imagined for a stage play where an amateur play director and amateur actors decide that this story this iconic movie story deserves a stage production. You haven’t actuallly crossed into the Twilight Zone, but the real world. This remarkable documentary shows what exactly could happen if such a group of people would decide to translate an iconic horror movie of cinema for the stage. But it also shows what creativity and enthusiasm for the source material can accomplish and the effect on its audiences.

Directors Lucy Harvey and Danielle Kummer follow a group of working class British people who spend their leisure producing plays as a form of team building, and have decided to adapt what is arguably one of director Ridley Scott’s best movies.In Wimborne, Dorset, U.K., a group of bus drivers spend their off time producing plays and have loads of fun in the process. Their latest project is an adaptation of the classic film Alien. This proves to be one of their biggest challenges, as the production demands various special effects, intensive set design, creature design, and dramatic acting on their parts. Though not everything succeeds as planned, the people involved still managed to make an indellible mark on the world of DIY play production, and has won the love of the audiences they have touched.

This is definitely one of those documentary films that should earn the love and praise of audiences universally. The film plays out like a wonderful example of when creative minds and ardent enthusiasm combine to create something truly remarkable and fun of its own accord. Now granted, the actual stage production of Alien, as presented by these amateurs, clearly isn’t the same as the movie people have known and grown to love. However, the joy and amusement that is perfectly displayed in the film resonates among fans of the movie.

Alien On Stage is a documentary I highly recommend and feel that even Max Fischer (of Rushmore) could appreciate and enjoy. It is an absolute joy to experience and is an interesting watch when it comes to the process of seeing this ambitious project to fruition.

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