Fantastic Fest 2023: RESTORE POINT

The untimely death of a loved one is a difficult situation with which we often have to deal. It has been a reality that humanity has had to face for so long. This scenario is the primary motivation of the protagonist of Restore Point.

For Czech detective Emma Trochinowska (Andrea Mohylova), death is a reality she must face daily. Though she works in the year 2041, and modern technology developed a method of reversing death, the untimely demise of her beloved husband and the inability to revive him has forever affected her. This traumatic loss has affected her police work ever since. Her recent cases help her realize that something might be wrong with the only company offering services reviving the recently departed.

In this future setting, a scientific company can resuscitate anyone killed unnaturally through a service called Restore Point. This system involves the computerized backup of memories, but backups must be made on a strict schedule. However, this attempt at immortality has inspired a fringe terrorist group that hopes to derail Restore Point’s work. In the film, Emma investigates the murders of people associated with Restore Point but eventually discovers that there is more to these deaths than meets the eye.

This movie was one of my favorite films from 2023’s Fantastic Fest. The film comes across as a story inspired by the works of Philip K. Dick, whose stories inspired the movies Blade Runner and Minority Report. Writers Tomislav Čečka, Robert Hloz, and Zdeněk Jecelín, director Robert Hloz, and their crew do an exceptional job of creating this world and building the appropriate suspense, mystery, and action. I don’t know what budget this film had, but the visuals and effects work beautifully here.

Actor Andrea Mohylova gives a powerful and moving performance as Emma. Her exceptional turn as Detective Emma is essential to this movie’s impact. The movie also has an excellent supporting cast, with Matěj Hádek being another outstanding standout.

I was enchanted with this science-fiction thriller and hope that more people have the opportunity to enjoy this film. I was fortunate to enjoy Restore Point in a theater, but most people won’t have that luxury. The film is now available on VOD, and I hope sci-fi fans don’t miss.

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