Film News: CHOP & STEELE and A LIFE ON THE FARM: A Found Footage Double Feature

Drafthouse Films presents CHOP & STEELE and A LIFE ON THE FARM: A Found Footage Double Feature, as available On Demand on May 9th after having a theatrical release presented by Fantastic Fest in April in select theaters. The films were selections of the 2022 Fantastic Fest in Austin, so if you saw them while attending Fantastic Fest or are a fan of Found Footage films, now is the time to check these out.

Even if you are not a fan of found footage films, Chop & Steele is a fascinating watch as childhood friends grow into lifelong friends and tap into their creative sides when they find similarities to try different forms of art that take them to other places nationwide. After watching this film, I wish I had attended at least one Found Footage Festival.

Chop & Steele

Lifelong friends Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher, two comedians famous for pranking local news stations on live television as the fake strongman duo ‘Chop & Steele,’ find themselves in federal court with a vengeful media conglomerate after their latest morning show stunt goes viral.

Directed by: Ben Steinbauer (WINNEBAGO MAN), Berndt Mader Written by: Alex McKenzie

Starring: Joe Pickett & Nick Prueher, with Howie Mandel, David Cross, Reggie Watts, Bobcat Goldthwait, Albertina Rizzo, and The Yes Men

Produced by: Janice Woods, Priest Fontaine Batten, Katie Steinbauer, Greta Kovach, Mike Saenz, Don Swaynos TRT: 81 min.

A Life on the Farm, directed by Oscar Harding, caught me off guard about what to expect. The farmer in rural England captures his life experiences – mainly on the farm – but also tells of his other work professionally. Through photos and film, we see his life and losses. Various people interviewed provide extensive opinions, and after a while, it seems too many and repetitive. Despite this, it is most enjoyable to hear the farmer’s voice describing the day and his activities.

A Life on the Farm celebrates the odd life of an eccentric farmer in rural England named Charles Carson, whose bizarre home movie has become a cult phenomenon worldwide. Carson’s life and work are remembered by those who knew him best, and a new generation of fans reflect on the inspiring legacy he left behind.

Produced by: Oscar Harding, Edward Lomas, Dominik Platen, Joe Pickett, Nick Prueher TRT: 75 min

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Source: Drafthouse Films

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