FILM NEWS: La Bamba is featured during the seventh annual TCM Big Screen Classics series

By Liz Lopez

Fathom Events and Turner Classic Movies present the seventh annual TCM Big Screen Classics series. Featuring acclaimed films released from 1941 to 1996, the series has something for everyone including dramas, musicals, comedies, adventure, mystery and more.

Each film is presented with pristine digital projection, movie-theater-quality sound, and in its original aspect ratio, as they were intended by the filmmakers. The TCM Big Screen Classics series is further enhanced with fascinating pre- and post-feature insights presented by popular TCM hosts, including TCM Primetime host Ben Mankiewicz.

La Bamba (1987) is written and directed by Luis Valdez and features Lou Diamond Phillips in the lead role of Mexican American rock & roll legend Richie Valens who passed away in the plane crash with fellow musicians Buddy Holly and J. P. “The Big Bopper” Richardson. Among the featured cast are Esai Morales, Rosanna DeSoto, Elizabeth Peña, Danielle von Zerneck, and Joe Pantoliano.

SYNOPSIS: The life of bursts across the screen in this celebrated, music-filled movie with star-making performances by Phillips as Richie and Morales as his half-brother, Bob. La Bamba, written and directed by Luis Valdez, depicts the 17-year-old’s rocket rise to fame, as he fights family problems and bigotry, to become a recording star with a string of hit singles and a date with destiny. Fueled by Valens’ hit songs performed by the Grammy-winning Los Lobos, as well as classic ’50s tunes, La Bamba recreates the thrilling early days of rock and pays homage to the enduring legacy of a remarkable talent whose music crossed all borders.

Fathom Events will offer the film on Sunday, April 18, Wednesday, April 21 & Thursday, April 22nd. For the full list of theaters in the Austin area and other cities, visit

Source: Fathom Events

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