By Mark Saldana

Rating: 3.5 (Out of 4 Stars)

Now available on Amazon Prime Video is a noir thriller that definitely had me on the edge of my seat with that utterly nervous feeling in my tummy. Actress Rachel Brosnahan shines brightly as a confused and frightened woman on the run with her child in tow. Though this isn’t heart-warming holiday fare, this is the type of movie one might select if needing a break from the oversaturation of holiday material. It is a movie I must highly recommend, but is one not intended for the younger ones.

Brosnahan stars as Jean, the naive young wife of career criminal Eddie (Bill Heck), a man who has kept her mostly in the dark about his illegal activities. In a bold move, Eddie decides to take on the criminal powers-that-be. This places Jean and their baby Harry in a dangerous position which forces them to go into hiding. Eddie sends his friend Cal (Arinze Kene) to assist them, while they distance themselves from danger. As Jean, Harry and Cal travel, Jean begins to learn more about Eddie’s past. Though they are temporarily safe, Eddie’s enemies eventually pick up their trail.

I’m Your Woman may have a simple and elemental story, but the character development, particularly that of Jean is top notch. Written and directed by Julia Hart, who co-wrote the film with Jordan Horowitz, the movie is a genuinely compelling journey that leaves its audiences edgy and fearful for the protagonists. Director Hart utilizes that tension created by the writing and enhances it beautifully with outstanding pacing and timing. Both Hart and cinematographer Bryce Fortner show great skill and artistry in presenting this dark and harrowing journey. Though it is a familiar journey, the visual style and smart writing keep the material fresh.

In addition Rachel Brosnahan gives a fantastic and emotionally charged performance as an innocent wife and mother mixed up in a frightening and disturbing situation. Though initially out of her element, we the audience follows Jean as she is forced to wise up and mature for the sake of herself and her child. Brosnahan shows the necessary range to effectively portray this evolution.

Brosnahan also has some impressive co-stars in actors Arinze Kene and Marsha Stephanie Blake. As Cal, Kene portrays a strong, intelligent and good-hearted man, but one haunted by the sins of his past. As Cal’s wife Teri, Marsha Stephanie Blake plays a similar type of character, as she too an otherwise good person, but has committed her share of crimes in the past. Both Blake Kene give tremendous performances and credibly portray a loving couple who have the skills to protect Jean and themselves.

As I stated above, I’m Your Woman is now available on Amazon Prime Video. It is a thrilling and tense piece of modern noir cinema that I believe will be a crowd pleaser. It is a fine example of solid writing, lovely direction, and excelllent acting.

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