After Po (Jack Black) is asked to become the Spiritual Leader of the Valley Peace, he needs to find and train a new Dragon Warrior, while a wicked sorceress (Viola Davis) plans to re-summon all the master villains whom Po has vanquished to the spirit realm (IMDB).

Jack Black returns to the role of Po in the fourth installment of this film franchise. I have truly enjoyed all of these films and look forward to seeing more. Since I found the first three films so entertaining, I went out of my way to see this latest installment.

These films are significant on two fronts: the excellent plotlines and the outstanding character development. It is utterly impossible not to care about these quirky characters. Not only do they introduce new characters in every film, but the plotlines are solid and thoughtful. Please do yourself a favor and take every kid you know, including yourself, to see this film because it is truly remarkable on all levels.

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