By Cinema Latte

In case you guys were interested and had not heard, Wiener Dog races will be held at Dogtoberfest this weekend (October 19th, Saturday) at the Domain in Austin.  They will have the races behind Macy’s in Phase I.  There will be lots of vendors and rescue groups there as well as other organizations to provide information for pet friendly products and services.  Lots of raffles and giveaways as well as all the shopping you want to do along the blocked off street.

Please help spread the word about this big event day!  Pets are welcome, but obviously don’t bring your pet cat or other small critters that would easily end up as a snack for all the dogs that will be on hand.  Safety for your pet first!

If any of you or friends/family that you know would want to volunteer for the event,  on Saturday, October 19th, they are still looking for folks to come out and help.  Or if you just want to participate in the multitude of activities or come by and see what it is all about…  Please go to their website, http://dogtoberfestaustin.org , for more information.  Or you can email Wesley Lichtenstein at volunteer@dogtoberfestaustin.org with any questions and she will get back to you.

Hope to see you guys out there!  Come watch the wiener dogs run!




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