Patricia Chica’s Coming Of Age Drama, MONTRÉAL GIRLS Reveals Its World Premiere Selection At CINEQUEST And Nomination For The VISIONARY AWARD.

San Jose, CA) – August 8, 2022. Filmoption International and Objectif 9 proudly present the World Premiere of Canadian director Patricia Chica’s anticipated debut feature MONTRÉAL GIRLS at the Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival. The poetic coming-of-age drama is co-written by Chica and Kamal John Iskander, and produced by Bahija Essoussi and Samuel Gagnon. MONTRÉAL GIRLS is the only feature film from Quebec selected by Cinequest to be part of this year’s lineup of 220 star-studded movies by filmmakers from over 55 countries and is up for the Visionary Award granted to New Directors and New Voices.

Cinequest will roll out the red carpet for MONTRÉAL GIRLS’ prime-time screening at the 1100-seat historic California Theatre in San Jose, California on Saturday, August 20th. The Cast & Crew photocall is presented by TGGEEKS® ( An additional screening is scheduled for Monday, August 22nd. Chica, Cast and Crew will be in attendance for the photo ops and Q&A.

“Cinequest has always been about discovering unique artistic voices and presenting their work that tells deeply personal and moving stories,” says Michael Rabehl, programming director. “Director Patricia Chica’s captivating debut feature feels like it was made for Cinequest and its adventurous audiences, and we can’t wait for the reaction to the film,” he adds.

Distributor Filmoption International has already acquired the film’s Canadian rights and is planning a Spring 2023 theatrical release. The film is available for acquisition in the U.S. as well as other international territories. The film’s first teaser trailer recently debuted exclusively on

Short Teaser:

With a killer soundtrack and lush cinematography, this heartwarming tale is inspired by filmmaker Patricia Chica’s personal experience navigating Montreal’s subcultures both as a documentarian and insider. The feature starring newcomer Hakim Brahimi, and Jasmina Parent, Sana Asad, Jade Hassouné, Nahéma Ricci as well as Manuel Tadros,  follows a Middle-Eastern young man’s journey and his quest for love and enlightenment while discovering his true calling along the way.

“I strive to tell inspiring stories that explore universal themes to which audiences worldwide can connect and relate. Storytelling is a holistic process for me, it’s all connected to a higher vision and purpose but is also grounded by characters confronted with complex real-world dilemmas they must overcome to transcend their ordinary selves and become something greater,”  says Patricia Chica.

MONTRÉAL GIRLS was made with the Chi Energy method, an intuitive creative process Chica developed that connects storytelling with higher consciousness in order to expand one’s creativity and accelerate results. Chica explored this process with the Cast and Crew on set.

MONTRÉAL GIRLS was also selected as the first Canadian feature film to participate at the US + Canada in Progress showcase during the 12th American Film Festival in Poland. There it won the Orka Studio Award, helping it complete its VFX and titles.

“Montréal Girls is about having the courage to follow your passion, even if it leads to scary and unknown places both emotionally and environmentally. One must have the brave heart of a poet to venture into life’s messy unknowns to find the most fulfilling path to self-actualization,” adds co-writer Kamal John Iskander.

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