More from Laurie at SXSW 2013

By Laurie Coker

Time moves quickly when there is fun to be had and such is the case with the Film Festival. Tomorrow the music folks flow in in full force and the entire downtown dynamic changes! Still, those of us cover the films plod on, even though interviews and red carpets wind down a bit. Regardless, enthusiasm doesn’t wane with sleep and there are plenty of movie treasures to see. 

Yesterday, Riley and I took a short bus ride with the cast and crew of Loves Her Gun (and other journalists) to Red’s Indoor Range to shoot guns. The film’s director gave us an impromptu interview as we headed down IH35 and with coffee and pastries on site, we were treated well and give a mini-lesson (for those in need) in gun handling and safety and then took to the range.  Star Trieste Kelly Dunn and members of the crew joined us and it was all good fun. Shot locally, Loves Her Gun offers a take on guns in takes removed from the heated discussions taking center stage in media, but I’ll save details for the longer reviews.

Later Monday evening we saw SNAP starring Thomas Dekker, a disturbing and tight thriller about mental illness its effects and had opportunity to meet Dekker and sit in on the Q&A. Rounding out the night, we ventured to the Topher theatre for Rob Zombie’s midnight showing of Lords of Salem. I hesitate to say anything more than …  whaaaaaaaaaat?


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