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Back for their second year, The Writers Guild Foundation will present their Scribble to Screen panels and traveling exhibit all day on Saturday, October 25th.  Panels will feature writers opining about their creative processes Рably aided by samples of their own work.
Maybe you’ll see an early draft of that pivotal episode of your favorite TV show. Or a treatment of a movie, its margins stuffed with hastily scrawled studio notes. Or a series of note cards outlining one of your favorite scenes in all of modern culture.
Whatever it is, it’ll be projected on stage, right next to its creator, who’ll talk about its place in the journey from first idea to final cut.
The WGF will also bring an extensive exhibit from their library and archive for you to pore through. That means great classic screenplays like a copy of Double Indemnity straight from Billy Wilder’s desk. Scripts from hot shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Masters of Sex. Notes from story conferences that led to groundbreaking episodes of All In The Family. Early drafts of great films like Chocolat, complete with notes from the director. It’s all stuff you won’t find anywhere else!
Confirmed for this year’s Scribble to Screen Panels are:
Lizzie & Wendy Molyneux: writers, Bob’s Burgers¬†
Nicole Perlman: writer, Guardians of the Galaxy
Linda Woolverton: writer, Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Maleficent
and another soon-to-be-announced speaker!
Join us with the Writers Guild Foundation at this year’s 21st Annual Austin Film Festival and Screenwriters Conference, October 23-30. Badge prices go up September 19th so get yours today!
Nicole Perlman
Nicole Perlman

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