Movie Review: THELMA Is An Absolute Triumph

Everyone on this planet must face the realities of aging and our own mortality, but that doesn’t mean we must not go quietly. To quote Dylan Thomas, “Do not go gentle into that good night.” We must all pick our battles carefully, and if that means declaring that we all matter in this world, then we should stand up and make our presence known and felt. I discovered That big takeaway with writer/director Josh Margolin’s Thelma. This extraordinary and triumphant film celebrates the fire that dwells within us even though we are mortal.

June Squibb delivers a powerful performance as Thelma, a ninety-three-year-old woman grappling with the challenges of aging. Thelma’s character is beautifully portrayed, with a strong bond with her daughter (Parker Posey) and son-in-law (Clark Gregg), and a particularly close relationship with her grandson Danny (Fred Hechinger). When she becomes a victim of a scam, Thelma’s determination to seek justice is a testament to her unwavering spirit.

She receives a strange phone call that Danny has been incarcerated for his supposed responsibility in an automobile accident. Desperate to aid her grandson, Thelma collects the money demanded for his release and mails it to those requiring it. As it turns out, Danny is not in trouble, and Thelma is a scam victim. Frustrated by this problem, Thelma decides to take matters into her own hands.

Anyone who has seen the trailer already knows the tone of this delightful movie. Margolin delivers a film full of heart, passion, and a winning spirit guaranteed to inspire and entertain its audiences. It is an absolute treat to witness June Squibb take charge as Thelma and witness her response to a terrible crime committed against her despite her weaknesses. The film is full of humor and a can-do spirit that is undeniably wonderful.

Squibb is excellent as Thelma. She is the perfect actor for this role and runs with this part in all the best ways. The movie also stars Richard Roundtree (Shaft) as Ben, Thelma’s long-time friend and someone who keeps Thelma somewhat grounded despite her fiery spirit. It is awesome to see Roundtree portray a strong but sensible character here, and the actor never disappoints. The movie also features lovable performances by Parker Posey, Fred Hechinger, and Clark Gregg.

Thelma is now in theaters and is a film I must highly recommend. Everyone could certainly learn something from this tremendous film. Though we eventually get older and weaker, we should not go too gently into our demise and remain vigorously fighting for what is just and proper.

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