Movie Trailer: TRASH

Source: Focus World

**FOCUS WORLD is proud to present the official trailer and poster for renowned director Stephen Daldry’s upcoming film TRASH.
In Theaters, On Demand and Digital HD on October 9**
Winner – BNL People’s Choice Award, Rome Film Festival
 Nominee – BAFTA Awards Best Foreign Film 
Focus World is proud to present much-lauded director Stephen Daldry’s TRASH, a rousing story of friendship and loyalty. Following international festival play, the film will be in theaters, on demand and digital HD on October 9.
When three trash-picking boys from Rio’s slums find a wallet among the daily debris of their local landfill, little do they imagine that their lives are about to change forever. But when the local police show up offering a handsome reward for the wallet’s return, the boys, Rafael (RICKSON TÉVIS), Gardo (EDUARDO LUÍS) and Rato (GABRIEL WEINSTEIN) realize that what they’ve found must be important. With the help from two American missionaries – the disillusioned Father Julliard (MARTIN SHEEN) and his young assistant Olivia (ROONEY MARA) – the trio begins an extraordinary adventure as they discover that the wallet’s owner José Angelo (WAGNER MOURA) was working to uncover political corruption and now they must try to hang onto the wallet while they evade the police, led by the dangerous Frederico (SELTON MELLO).


Trash is directed by STEPHEN DALDRY (“Billy Elliot,” “The Hours,” “The Reader”) and written by RICHARD CURTIS based on the book by ANDY MULLIGAN.

“Infectiously loveable and heartfelt.” – Cath Clarke, Time Out

“Director Stephen Daldry rediscovers the upbeat oomph that powered his debut feature, BILLY ELLIOT.” – Mark Kermode, The Observer

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