By Liz Lopez

This year, Comicpalooza had scheduled programming that included a wider offering of films than in prior years. Now listed as the Independent Film Showcase, the schedule included screenings, some Q& A sessions, and a few had filmmakers/cast in attendance from May 22, through Monday, Memorial Day.

Houston based filmmaker, Joe Grisaffi, participated all four days of the Con, signing autographs and selling DVDs of his past work. This was his first time at Comicpalooza as a guest, but had a film screen in 2013. “I was also there as a fan in 2014,” he said exuberantly. Additionally, his film Conjoined with have a midnight screening. This film was premiered in Chicago in 2013. “This film is like a homecoming for us,” he stated during a recent interview. The film was screened in approximately 15-16 venues subsequently.

Independent films can be challenging to make. “You have to be dedicated – it is hard work- but you can do it,” as we discussed his film Conjoined. “The film was made for fewer than two thousand dollars. It has played all over the world and it is still going.”  It is now available for purchase.

He looks forward to his participation and we discussed the growth of Comicpalooza each year. “This is so much more than comics. It started as a comic book show. It is a celebration of pop- culture. There is something for everybody.” He added, “If anyone is interested in filmmaking, there are lots of panels and information being shared.”

The current film project is a family – friendly zombie film that is fun and without all the gore in regular zombie films. More details will be forthcoming as they are available.

Grisaffi spoke at two panels during the four day event, once on Saturday afternoon at 2:30pm and at a panel of other filmmakers at 8:30pm. For full details, visit


Love Dinosaurs? Listen to this!

An Interview with Daniel Burch

If you look into many children’s toy boxes, more often than not, you will find a dinosaur among the collection of items. In some cases, you can find a pretty broad collection. One of the various guests at Comicpalooza this year is Daniel Burch. He has a double degree in history and museum science from Baylor. He currently serves as the Program Manager for the Wiess Energy Hall and Adult Education at the Houston Museum of Natural Science (HMNS).

On Friday, Education Day, his presentation was “It’s a Mad, Mad, Jurassic World” and provided information on dinosaurs, including where to dine and where you can find them, as well as the new Jurassic movie.

His first time at Comicpalooza was in the early years of the event and presented about energy. As for dinosaurs and his new presentation, “There is a lot happening in the last two – three years!”

I commented that I always wondered why dinosaurs are so prevalent in toys, movies and more. “Why are dinosaurs so cool? They are wilder than any creation of our imagination. There are different shapes, sizes – many types of tails and horns –with different attributes.”

We discussed his work at the HMNS. “My work is an exciting job. Every five minutes there is something new – food, fossils – and there is an array of exhibits at the museum,” he stated. “I really love to see the kids play with the dinosaurs.”

On Sunday morning, May 24th, he provided a presentation on energy. “There is energy referenced in the modern conscience of pop- culture, including The Simpsons.” After he said this and other examples, I think this will be certainly something very entertaining. For full details, visit


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