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‘Angels at War’: A Documentary of Courage

Filmmaker Documents Young Kids Fighting Drug-War With Peace, Not Guns
Drug Cartels and corrupt police overwhelm a nation, but a group of young children dressed as angels fight to save their community. ‘Angels at War’ is a documentary in production that is both uplifting and inspirational. It brings the viewer into a world that hits close to home yet is easily dismissed by the thin separation of the Mexican border.

Directed by up-and-coming filmmaker Jessica LaRusso, ‘Angels at War’ follows a group of young kids into the heart of the drug war that brews beneath them. “Americans like to think of this as Mexico’s war,” says Mexican journalist Luis Hinojos, “but we’re not supplying the drugs to ourselves. The demand comes from your side of the border. This war belongs to both of us.”

The border city of Juarez, Mexico is no stranger to making the headlines, but these drug cartels and murderers do not paint the whole picture.

Out of this murder capitol of the world also comes something miraculous and full of hope. A group of young teenagers have come together, to take a unique stand against violence. They cover themselves from head to toe in silver paint and wear five foot wings made of cardboard, plastic and feathers torn from pillows they find in the trash. With these costumes as their armor they stand like warriors, holding signs of peace and faith, aimed at the criminals that pollute their city.

“While this film tells the story of only a small few, it speaks to the hearts of many, “says director Jessica LaRusso. “No matter what walk of life, none of us are immune to pain and suffering. So to see these young kids rise above it and have the courage to fight – not with more guns or violence, but with peace instead – that is a message we all can learn from.”

The crew is traveling to Juarez to document a trip of the angels as they travel to another violence stricken city. View a trailer of the film and support the project at

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