ReelAbilities Film Festival 2020: OUR TIME MACHINE

By Mark Saldana

Rating: 4 (Out of 4 Stars)

From directors Yang Sun and S. Leo Chiang comes this beautiful and heartbreaking documentary about an artist bonding with his beloved father, an elderly man suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Our Time Machine gives audiences a look behind the scenes of Chinese artist Maleon’s new passion project. Maleon has created striking artistic works through various media, but never before has he made something so complex, intricate and theatrical.

Through most of his adult life, Maleon’s father was a theater director. It was his passion and obsession. And considering that he might not have much more time to spend with him, Maleon wants to honor his father with an ambitious theatrical production involving puppets. The film reveals the hard work, great skill, and passion that goes into this production. Italso reveals the emotional and personal struggles faced by Maleon, his mother and especially his father who is afflicted with a disease that is erasing his ability to remember and create memories. It a moving and heartfelt portrait of a loving son inspired by the love of father and the wonderful memories they once shared.

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