By Liz Lopez

Rating: B+

There is nothing quite like the bond between a grandmother and her grandchild. I am sure there is plenty of articles and books written about this topic. For anyone who is not a grandparent yet, it may be a bit difficult to comprehend. In the new feature film, Grandma starring Lily Tomlin as Elle Reid, viewers learn how loving the relationship can be, but also how complex when faced with certain decisions and actions are needed. Lily Tomlin is excellent in this role and her performance is one that she should be recognized for among the many awards that are soon to be presented in the upcoming months. Julia Garner (Martha Marcy May Marlene) does well in her role as the granddaughter who shows up at Elle’s door unannounced and is asking for a sum of money that is not in Elle’s reach that same day.

Sam Elliott has a rather small scene in this film as Karl, but in the time he spends interacting with Elle and a little with Sage, it is one of the most powerful performances of the film. He is considering the request to help the two ladies out in their plight to secure same-day funding, but insists on knowing what the urgent need is. He declines a pain that seems to be coming from deep down in his soul. It could make someone weak in the knees if they are standing. Even if film fans may not be in agreement with the choice that Sage wants to make in the film, it is worth the price of admission to see Tomlin and Elliott’s performances.

UT alum, Marcia Gay Hayden, stars as Judy, Elle’s high powered executive daughter who is a bit estranged from Elle at the time Sage is facing a challenge in her life. She gives a good performance about this family filled with drama and unresolved issues.

The 80 minute film is rated R for the material, the and drug use.

In Austin, Grandma opens on September 11th at the Violet Crown Cinema and the Regal Arbor Theater.

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