By Laurie Coker

Rating: C+  

Sex, seduction, booze, debauchery and strangeness all take place aboard Peninsula Flight 2549 as it heads to Mexico City from Spain. An interesting group of first class passengers, three flamboyant fight stewards and an unusual cock pit team get into all sorts of odd and sometime sexual situations, as their plane circles in the sky waiting for an all clear from a runway that can accept an emergency landing. I’m So Excited takes place almost entirely in the front section of a jumbo airliner, and Spanish writer/director Pedro Almodovar seems to have a wicked sense of sexual humor as he deals with personalities pent up in a tight place facing the idea of death. His characters are wild, colorful and a wee bit crazy.  For me, it all went a bit to far awry – an entire economy class and its crew drugged, sex with a sleeping passenger, a nutty clairvoyant and absurd coincidences. Still the film has some genuinely funny moments and a hilarious cast. I am placing a C+ in my grade book.

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