AVIRON PICTURES star in the thriller “Serenity.”

“Serenity” stars McConaughey, Hathaway and other Great Cast, but the Story Spins.

By Liz Lopez

Rating B-/C+

Although all efforts will be made to not reveal all there is to writer/director Steven Knight’s latest film, “Serenity” starring Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jason Clarke, Diane Lane and Djimon Hounsou. Several other reviews online spill so much already, it may not much of a spoil if I were to say anything here. Knight is directing his own script here as he did most successfully five years ago with “Locke,” starring Tom Hardy. Knight is also known for his success as a screenwriter with “Eastern Promises” (2007), “Dirty Pretty Things” (2002), and creator of the BBC series “Peaky Blinders.” Although this film features an excellent and diverse cast, the script will take the audience on a bumpy ride on the rough waters it navigates. The script tries to have the viewer think the story is about the three main characters, but in fact there is more. If there are audience members who do not like stories that skip about from past, current, to in between, or real versus not, well then this may not be the film for you. Fans of any of the listed actors will likely go view the film, but my recommendation is to save some movie bucks by attending the matinee, or a discount day at the local cinemas in town.

McConaughey’s Baker Dill lives on an island named Plymouth which is as fabricated as it sounds. He is captain of Serenity, the chartered fishing boat that tourists hire to try their hand at catching the large tuna they have heard so much about. Baker Dill has one mug he loves to drink his rum from, labeled “World’s Greatest Dad.” Various scenes do show he has memories of a child, but not clear about their current relationship, as it is evident this captain has suffered trauma in his past with what he says. One thing for sure, everyone on the island knows everyone’s business, from the locals to the tourists who come and go.  

Even though Baker has been going through hard financial times, his neighbor, Constance (Diane Lane) is willing to come to the rescue. He knows how to earn his money when he is down on his luck and she welcomes him as her boy-toy, for sure.

Karen (Hathaway) arrives on the island ahead of her rich husband, Frank (Clarke). The audience learns she is Baker Dill’s ex-relationship that has custody of their son, Patrick (Rafael Sayegh), who keeps to himself busy on the computer (and away from his crooked and abusive step-father). She does not delay in offering Baker a proposition that will leave him swimming in cash. Since everyone knows everything on the island, Baker’s first mate Duke (Djimon Hounsou), warns him to stay away.

Another visitor to the island arrives in a business-suit and leather dress shoes, Reid Miller (Jeremy Strong), looking nerdy. He never changes into island wear as he walks through the surf continuing to pursue Baker. Everybody wants to be with Baker Dill and yet, all he really wants is to be with his son.  

“Serenity” opens in theaters on January 25. The film is rated R for coarse language, nudity and sexual scenes, as well as some bloody images. Run time is 103 minutes.

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