By Laurie Coker
Rating C+/B-

I skipped all of The Boss Baby screenings offered for critics so that I could take my grandkids to the film when we all had time. I paid for three tickets on opening day and posted on Facebook that I was sure my grandkids should know how much I love them and enjoy time with them because of all movies I could see with them or things we could do together, The Boss Baby was not on the top of my list. My granddaughter actually gave me puppy eyes, purposeful, big brown, pleading puppy eyes, so I conceded. Thankfully, I was not bored, and surprisingly I found the voices, animation and silly story entertaining, as did my grandchildren and their friends ranging in age from twelve down to six – yes, I attending the screening with six kids.

Miles Christopher Bakshi as Tim and Alec Baldwin as Boss Baby are wonderful and the dialogue afforded, by Michael McCullers, is crisp and witty. Lisa Kudrow and Jimmy Kimmel, voice Tim’s parents and Steve Bushemi is a perfect villain voice. Finalizing the main characters is James McGrath, who voices Wizzie, a Wizard alarm clock that wakes Tim daily and offers tidbits of hilarious commentary and advice. Because of these talented voice actors, the characters come to life beyond the colorful animation.
I found the story simple and silly at times – more so than others, but the kids really liked it, even the over the top chase scene involving a crazed character in a Red Ryder wagon and Tim and Boss Baby on a bicycle in a race to the airport. I’ve seen similar storylines more often than I can count, but the kids haven’t and they sat engage and quiet throughout. I am a child at heart, so I am perhaps more forgiving than other might be. The animation is nothing overtly special, but director Tom McGrath and Dreamworks Animation amuse audiences with two types of animation – blending Tim’s reality with his vivid imagination and I enjoyed this blend.
Dreamsworks may not be on par with the likes of Pixar, but The Boss Baby entertains the little and even the medium-sized ones in the family. There is also enough wit and satire for adults to find it amusing as well. I am not sure why other critics are so negative about it, because It was a good time for all of us and I didn’t mind the matinee price at all. I am placing a C+/B- in the grade book for this film, but I am guessing the children would give it a higher mark. It is a great diversion for the family during matinee hours.

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