By Renee’ Collins

Rating: 5 (Out of 5 Reels)

This film depicts the life story of Italian violinist and composer, Niccolò Paganini, who rose to fame as a virtuoso in the early 19th Century (IMDB). 

Those who like period pieces will find themselves completely drawn into this wonderful film which delves into the life of master composer Paganini.  The mesmerizing music, played by David Garrett as Paganini, is powerful, completely consuming and heart felt.  Many will wonder if Garrett is truly playing the violin and the undeniable and fantastic answer is yes which makes his portrayal all the more powerful.  Garrett is a sort of virtuoso himself who grew up in Germany playing the violin and is self-taught.  Once his parents realized his talent he was tutored.  Garrett has released several albums and is trying to address the young audience by covering modern rock and metal anthems. 

This film is perfection in regards to all the technical aspects especially Jared Harris as Urbani who captures his role expertly which adds to the depth of this film.  Harris portrays the seeming devil that gets Paganini to sign a contract binding them to each other in life and supposedly in death.  Urbani uses his position to manipulate Paganini for both the better and the worse.  

Watching Paganini strive to deal with his all consuming passion for playing music in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century is at times hard to watch because he is often self-destructive. This film should move people to seek out Paganini’s music and Garrett’s as well and will be liked by period piece and music lovers alike.

The Devil’s Violinist is now available on VOD and some select theaters.

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