By Liz Lopez

Rating: A

I have read and heard that 82 year old Robert Redford has said that David Lowery’s film, “The Old Man & the Gun,” will be his last acting performance. I certainly hope it is not, as he brings such life to this story with his incredible performance as the real life Forrest Tucker. Lowery (“A Ghost Story”) based his script on a New Yorker article about Tucker written by David Grann. This is a most interesting story about Tucker and his two partners, Teddy (Danny Glover) and Waller (Tom Waits), but the focus stays on Redford, through and through. Lowery’s story adaptation is excellent and the performances are top-notch that earn this such a high rating.

For anyone who has not read the 2003 article by David Grann, published in “The New Yorker” under the same title, “The Old Man & the Gun” will prove to be very engaging about the men who robbed banks. Tucker and his partners do extensive work to case the banks and plans to rob them without getting caught. Tucker was usually the one who walked in, approaching the clerks or other bank staff. Forrest Tucker was well known for being polite as he robbed the banks with a note, a gun and a smile. Though Redford’s character appears old and craggy, he is still handsome, charming and magnetic.

These crimes eventually become similar enough that Detective John Hunt (Casey Affleck, “A Ghost Story”) starts to identify these robberies as similar. Although he was not initially able to convince others about these jobs, he works toward slowly finding the way to snag him. There is a favorite scene between Tucker and Hunt that is priceless – you can just see the gleam in Redford’s eyes as he appears to relish the moments showing off how bold this bank robber really was.

It is magnificent to see Sissy Spacek in the role of Jewel. When her truck has mechanical issues on the side of the road, Tucker, the gentleman that he is, stops to lend a hand – no matter who is chasing him. She is perfect for the role as an independent woman and yet at this advanced age, a romance begins. Jewel is experienced enough to know when Tucker is lying or when it is partial truth. His charm is such that no matter what he does, she’s willing to keep him around.

I am measuring my words in all efforts to avoid spoilers, but this caper with a romance story brings to light a not – so – well known story of a long term criminal and perhaps relaying that there is a possibility that he really enjoyed robbing banks – just because he liked it. You should see it to not miss out on how Redford chooses to go out in style with Lowery’s outstanding work.

The film is rated PG 13 and run time is one hour and thirty – three minutes. The film is in theaters as of October 5th, 2018.

Source: Fox Searchlight

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