Review: To Do List

By Laurie Coker


Rating: F


I’ve grown too old, I think, especially as a parent and as a teacher. As I sat through To Do List, I cringed at almost every scene. When I watched Brandy Klark (Aubrey Plaza), the class valedictorian graduating from high school, spend her last summer before college checking disgusting sexual acts off her to do list, because she believe she’s missed out, it appalled me. Certainly I am not the target demographic for such a film, but frankly, the whole affair shocked me. Admittedly,I laughed a few times, but doody in the pool jokes, nasty talk about anal oral sex and an asinine storyline did more to upset and nauseate me than anything else.

Plaza, Johnny Simmons and Bill Hader star in this filthy film, which might do well with high schoolers, but I sure hope not. I very idea that Brandy’s behavior might be considered acceptable, or worse copied, concerns me. I teach seniors and thinking they might partake in such affairs freaks me out. I even felt ashamed for laughing when I did. What’s more, the twenty-something who attended with me found it a tad distressing too. I am placing an F in my grade book. Steer clear!

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