The Sports Comedy “Uncle Drew” is entertaining and Fun as a Good “Throw-back” in Time


By Liz Lopez

Rating: B-

Who knew that a Pepsi advertising campaign would be the inspiration for a feature length film that is funny, entertaining and family friendly? Despite anyone that may be skeptical about that concept and decide to avoid spending dollars on it, the story is still entertaining even if there is some predictability. If you know this going in, sit back and relax and let the humor and music entertain you. Directed by Charles Stone III from a script written by Jay Longino, the story is enjoyable watching the elder basketball stars take the court again, showing they should not be written off quite yet. Of course, right after the “roster” of elder players gathers, they quickly learn from a scrimmage that they are in need of practice and unity as a “team” in order to compete on any court. 

The cast of Kyrie Irving, Reggie Miller, Chris Webber, Nate Robinson and Shaquille O’Neal, as well as Lisa Leslie, totally appear to have fun portraying their characters, making it infectious for audiences to enjoy the ride in the striped van with a microwave, “boom – boom room” and an 8-track tape player.

NBA star Kyrie Irving portrays the character Uncle Drew who is approached by Dax (Lil Rel Howery) a street ball coach who desperately wants to have a team to participate in an upcoming tournament that has a great prize for the winners. Drew won’t participate if he is not able to secure the roster he selects and that is his old basketball squad. Dax gives in and off they go to locate Preacher (Chris Webber), Lights (Reggie Miller), Boots (Nate Robinson), and Big Fella (Shaquille O’Neal) to play in the tournament for the love of basketball and not about the coins they were not informed of initially.

Dax’s rival, Mookie (Nick Kroll) has been the cause for a sore spot in his self confidence since childhood. These two young actors are very good in delivering their comedic lines and I was pleasantly surprised by their performances. Howery also excels in his lines alongside the Uncle Drew team. I totally loved the scenes where Dax and Drew are listening to music, but the generational difference is glaringly obvious (and hilarious) when the original music is something Drew is determined to keep “on rotation” in his van.

Among the additional cast, is Tiffany Haddish as Jess, a shallow woman who loves to shop and spend money more than having Dax around. She has a couple of good comedic lines, but excels in her portrayal of someone very materialistic. Erica Ash stars as Mya, a granddaughter to one of Drew’s friend and team. She accompanies her grandfather to the tournament and spends time with Dax, eventually leading to a potential romance, but it is not necessary except to possibly show how Dax’s life is turning around.

For fans that have already seen the summer blockbusters and are looking for a light comedy, get out of the summer heat to enjoy a matinee of “Uncle Drew.” It is now in U.S. theaters as of today, June 29th. It has a run time of 103 minutes and is rated PG-13 for suggestive material, language, and brief nudity.

Source: Summit Entertainment

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