Review/Interview: BAD SAMARITAN

Dean Devlin’s Second Feature “Bad Samaritan” Stars David Tennant and Carlito Olivero


By Liz Lopez

Rating: B-/C+

“Bad Samaritan” is a somewhat enjoyable thriller written by Brandon Boyce (“Apt Pupil,” “Wicker Park”) and is the second feature film directed by writer/actor/producer Dean Devlin (“Geostorm,” “Independence Day: Resurgence,” “Independence Day,” “Godzilla” 1998, “Stargate”). Boyce’s script is too predictable and while the film overall can be entertaining for some film fans of this genre; it may also leave the viewers wanting more. The protagonist in “Bad Samaritan,” Sean Falco (Robert Sheehan, “Mute,” “Geostorm”), is not one that all audience members will initially take up his cause and root for him. He is a talented amateur photographer, has an educated girlfriend and both parents, yet resorts to operating a scheme and taking advantage of others. He enlists his friend, Derek Sandoval (Carlito Olivero), into breaking and entering into homes with him while they work as valets at a restaurant. If anything, audience members will think twice about using valet services for their car in the future.

The script also becomes highly implausible in a few scenes in the interior of a mansion. At first, the audience views a murder room (the slicing and dicing kind) and an array of items to work with. It seems like moments later, the home owner has it redesigned for anyone with a badge who drops by. Another scene much later in the story also does not make sense when Katie (Kerry Condon) comes into full body contact with a corrosive substance and yet shows no sign of injuries or burns immediately upon contact with it.

If the audience can dispense with reality for some of the scenes, then definitely take advantage of viewing “Bad Samaritan” in the theaters this opening weekend to view some great performances. David Tennant (“Doctor Who,” TV series 2003-2015) plays a trust-fund billionaire sociopath, Cale Erendreich, who hides behind his wealth to do whatever his fancy, with a sense of entitlement. Tennant makes the audience dislike this shady character from the moment he drives his Maserati to the front of the restaurant. Although the story does not clearly spell out why Cale’s behavior and actions are what they are, Tennant is entertaining acting as a deranged villain that audience members may not soon forget.

Boyce’s script does have some engaging cat-and-mouse action between Sean and Cale, who at one point mutters something similar to finding someone interesting to “play in his sandbox” while seeking sadistic revenge for messing with his plans to mince the woman he has been hiding. “Bad Samaritan” may leave the audience wondering about the “entitled or wealthy” that have no issues with hunting or enslaving people as a form of amusement.

Among the other cast members are: Jacqueline Byers, Carsten Lorenz, Lisa Brenner, Rob Nagle and Austin Leo.

The film has an “R” MPAA rating and the run time is 110 minutes. The film is available in Austin May 4th.


Interview with Carlito Olivero:

Born in Chicago, Illinois from Puerto Rican and Mexican heritage, Carlito Olivero is known for his successful Hulu series “East Los High” and the new Menudo band. He is currently on “Step Up: High Water” on YouTube Red (, and was one of the finalists on Season 3 of the hit show “X-Factor,” where he was mentored by Paulina Rubio.

Q – How did you get involved with this production?

CO – I heard of it in LA – and I went to the first audition. They were vague about the character, but then I got a breakdown and it caught my attention. I love indie films. I found out that David Tennant was attached to this and later some of the other actors. There was one other person that was selected. I had thought ‘I killed it’ (at the audition), but then got a call from my manager that another actor was booked. Then I thought, “I’m the ‘just in case’ guy” until the other guy was not available due to date conflicts. Dean Devlin later said to me that he was glad I was booked.

Q- Is this your first feature?

CO – I did the first one “We the Party” and after it was released, I saw myself on screen – and decided to take classes.

Q –Can you identify a challenge you had with your experience in this production?

It was great. Dean is a DIY guy – this is an indie – he took money out of his pocket and said he was going to do it. He wanted to take his time. He is inspiring.  The challenge was we felt like vampires – every scene was shot at night. Call was 6pm, start at 9pm until 8am. There was a snow storm and it was very challenging to just wear small sweaters. They had to take the “smoke” out of our mouth in post – production! There was so much! It was so cold my teardrops turned to icicles.

Q – Do you have advice for aspiring/fellow actors?

CO – Don’t give up! This film is now opening in 2500 theaters!

Q – Do you want to say more about the film?

CO – I want to send a big shout out to Electric Entertainment; I anticipate a lot will be coming from this (film). Support indie – go see this film on opening weekend!

Regarding Carlito’s music career, he stated he is trying to get his music into films too – to do both acting and promote his music. He added that his music in the television series of “Step Up: High Water” and also in “East Los High.”

Source: Electric Entertainment


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