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Dynamic Characters, impressive cast and compelling storylines make Rogue a MUST Watch!

By: Laurie Coker

Rating: A

SXSW film offers a plethora of narrative and documentary films, but recently its hosted sneak peeks of television series, like the monumentally popular HBO series Girls. This year I was privileged to interview cast members of the new original DirecTV series Rogue. Later, complete with an open bar and special screening of the first two episodes, Rogue promoters went all out for press and curious viewers. Stars mingled with party goers and everyone generally had a good time.

Rogue, staring Thandie Newton, as Grace an undercover detective, a woman who finds herself embroiled in her city’s most morally corrupt and powerful crime family. In an effort to discover the truth behind the mysterious death of her son, Grace find herself living two lives. While struggling to be the wife and mother her husband and daughter need, she falls in to an illicit relationship with crime boss Jimmy Laszlo. Risking everything, Grace works to help Jimmy find a traitor in his organization, putting her on life on the line, all in an effort to find out what happen to her son.

I did not get to meet Thandie, but I did have the wonderful opportunity to meet three talented members of the cast – Joshua Sasse (Alec), Martin Csokas (Jimmy), and Leah Gibson (Cathy Laszlo), and they are gracious, fun and proud of their new series. The trio told me the series films in Canada and Josh, who is beautiful by the way, said when he got the job, he packed up his London flat and moved to Canada without hesitation. Truth is, this is one good looking cast and they have a wonderful rapport with each other and talent too! We met early and they were all bright-eyed and eager to talk about the show, which one referred to as “gritty.” When I interview them, I had not yet seen the premier episodes, so my questions were aimed more toward to personal takes on filming, their time on set and such, and they did not reveal much about plot, but they certainly bragged about each other and the rest of the cast, and rightly so!! There is an obvious chemistry and connection apparent on screen.

Rogue is the kind of show I love to get addicted to. In fact, after seeing just two episodes, I am dying to see what is in store for Grace and Alec, Cathy and Jimmy and the rest of this exceptional cast. It is indeed a gritty show with a taut storyline and intriguing characters. Fast paced, intriguing and intense. Check out this new DirecTV original series Wednesday April 3rd 8:00 PM CT.

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