Based on Michael Ausiello’s personal memoir, Spoiler Alert: The Hero Dies, director Michael Showalter and screenwriters David Marsall Grant and Dan Savage present the true story of television journalist Ausiello and his romance with photographer Kit Cowan. Even though there have been other, similar stories and movies with similar journeys, the characters and their personality traits (both favorable and not) put a fresh and compelling spin on the tragic love story. Featuring wonderful performances by both Jim Parsons and Ben Aldridge, Spoiler Alert is lovable film that shouldn’t be missed.

While working for TV Guide in New York City, jounalist Michael Ausiello’s (Parsons) life mostly consists of just that–work. The mostly shy and quiet Michael has no social life whatsoever. That is until a friend invites him for a night out at a gay club. Though gay, Michael just never really actively pursued dating much or put himself out there. However, on this very night, his life would never be the same. After spotting him the on the dance floor, Michael becomes automatically smitten with photographer Kit Cowan (Ben Aldridge) The two soon become involved in a whirlwind romance that eventually culminates with Michael moving in with Kit.

Though the first months go very well, eventually trouble in paradise surfaces. While both men have their own issues and probably share equal blame, the time has come for the two to take a break. Not long after this happens, both Kit and Michael get floored when Kit gets diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer.

Though this particular type of story is very familiar, the writing, direction and performances of the cast help elevate this movie above a lot of similar films attempting to follow this formula. Though this is ultimately a sad and heartbreaking film, there are plenty of genuinely funny moments of comedy, and some sweet moments of romance. This is the stuff that makes this movie so watchable.

It has helps that both Jim Parsons and Ben Aldridge are cast in the lead roles, as they perfectly portray these fascinating and compelling characters. The movie also features wonderful turns by Sally Field and Bill Irwin who portray Kit’s wonderful and loving parents. Some of the better scenes in the movie are that of the family all getting together and sharing some quality time. Parsons, Aldridge, Field and Irwin are all so great together that one would believe that they are a real family.

Spoiler Alert is now playing in theaters, and though it isn’t the usual movie that demands to be viewed in theaters, it is still a great movie with all of the appropriate feels that one would expect from a tragic, but still heartwarming love story.

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