Steve Martin is a comedy icon. There is no other way to express this sentiment. From his standup performances to his career in cinema, Martin has had a significant impact on the comedy world. A new documentary by director Morgan Neville celebrates the career and influence of Steve Martin while also revealing the real person behind the icon. This two-part film series does just that and gets rather personal regarding Steve Martin’s influences, the impact of his early life experiences, and the path he would follow as he navigated a roller coaster career while trying to maintain his own life.

As a fan of Steve Martin’s work, I was fascinated with his story. I first experienced his comedy at a very young age, during the 1970s, when his career took off. I certainly recall some of his comedic gags onstage and his multiple television appearances, including his sketches on Saturday Night Live. I also remember and acknowledge his effect on comedic cinema when he appeared in his first movie, The Jerk.

As someone who has followed Steve Martin’s career, I found Neville’s documentary intriguing and insightful, as it presents a comprehensive story of who Steve Martin is. The documentary is not only a nostalgic journey but also gives the audience a real glimpse into what makes Martin tick and why he has been so successful with his career. The documentary’s second part feels much more personal, revealing where he is now and how aging has benefitted the artist. His life and career have reached a moment of twilight, but that doesn’t mean Martin is completely shutting down.

I cannot think of a better way to honor and celebrate the great work and life of someone I admire dearly. Steve! (Martin): A Documentary In Two Pieces is available to stream on AppleTV Plus.

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