By Mark Saldana

Rating: 3.5 (Out of 4 Stars)

Prior to viewing this documentary, my knowledge about Suzi Quatro was mostly limited to the small series of appearances she made on television’s Happy Days durting the 1970s. I was also aware that she was a rock musician and singer, but I honestly had no idea that was the first female bass player to become a successful rock star. The problem is that, while Quatro was a huge success in Europe and Asia, she struggled to make a true name for herself in the United States. Director Liam Firmager tells Suzi’s life story in this fascinating and highly enjoyable documentary titled Suzi Q.

In the doc, Firmager allows Suzi to talk about her life and career, in addition to interviews with her family members, closest loved ones and ardent admirers. Some of these admirers are major players in their own rights too. People like Joan Jett, Lita Ford and Deborah Harry were inspired and influenced by Quatro. Men who knew her or worked with her like Alice Cooper and Henry Winkler have nothing but praises for Suzi. Suzi may have had a large impact on women aspiring to be rockers and was certainly a trailblazer. However, the rock and roll lifestyle is a grueling one.

Still, Suzi Quatro had the strength and determination to thrive and persevere. Even when it came time to scale things down for the sake of raising a child. Liam Firmager has done an exceptional job in telling Quatro’s inspirational story in this film. It is a documentary I highly recommend for rock fanatics, especially young women interested in becoming future rock musicians.

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