By Jan Hamilton

This amusing comedy stars the very wonderful Wyatt Cenac.  If you have been watching his current TV series, People of Earth, you no doubt like his wonderful dead-pan persona.  Wyatt plays David, married to Jennifer (Greta Lee), they are a pair of young writers.  The problem is that Jennifer is much, much more successful than David.  In fact, he hasn’t published anything since they met, at that time she was a student who loved his first book and he was her professor.  The years have gone by, but David can’t seem to match his early success, while Jennifer has an agent, a publisher, and is popular at book signings. Jennifer tries hard to get David to make contacts he may need to get some interest in his writing.

David doesn’t begrudge her the success; he just wishes he could get his own career back on track.  The film follows the couple on an evening they plan to go to an artist party at a swanky home, where various people will perform.  A series of misadventures take place before they can even get to the party.  How David handles the roadblocks and disasters make for a funny film.  The director, Laura Terruso, wrote this film, plus the very funny Hello, My Name is Doris.

The Bottom Line: This is a gentle, funny, likable film.

Director:  Laura Terruso

Executive Producer:  Stacey Parks

Producer:  Margherita Arco, Neda Armian, Laura Terruso

Screenwriter: Laura Terruso

Cinematographer: Benjamin Rutkowski

Editor: Robert Grigsby Wilson

Production Designer: Katrina Whalen

Sound Designer: David Forshee

Music: Jay Israelson

Principal Cast: Wyatt Cenac, Greta Lee, Maria Dizzia, Alex Karpovsky,

Ben Sinclair, Onur Turkel, John Rothman, Louis Cancelmi, Larry Murphy, Sam Seder


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