SXSW 2018 Review: 6 BALLOONS

By Jan Hamilton

It’s difficult to have patience with a loved one who keeps going back to hard drugs, but that is the position in which Kate (Abbi Jacobson) is.  Although he has a two year-old daughter, her brother Seth (Dave Franco)  can’t stay off of heroin for long.  Separated from his wife, Seth often takes care of his daughter Ella (Charlotte Carel), a beautiful girl he clearly loves.  He can be a good father when not under the influence.  

Katie has been working a long time to put together a perfect birthday party for her boyfriend Jack (Dawan Owens) at her home.  On the afternoon of the party, Seth calls to say he wants Katie to help him get into a detox program at a rehab clinic that will accept his insurance.  This isn’t the first time he has tried to quit.  Still, Katie leaves friends in charge of the party and she, Seth and Ella set out to find a place.  As Katie goes through this experience that she has gone through many times previously, she has to finally decide if she will let Seth sink or swim on his own.

This was a very popular film at the festival.  It is very well done, and doesn’t go for the usual solutions that movies about addiction often do.  The two lead actors give outstanding performances.  It is a story that will stay with you.

Film Credits:

Director:  Marja-Lewis Ryan

Producer:   Samantha Housman, Ross Dinerstein,

Channing Tatum, Reid Carolin and Peter Kiernan.

Screenwriter: Marja-Lewis Ryan

Cinematographer: Polly Morgan

Editor: F. Brian Scofield

Sound Designer: Frank Gaeta

Music: Heather McIntosh

Principal Cast: Abbi Jacobson, Dave Franco,

Charlotte Carel, Madeline Carel, Jane Kaczmarek,

Dewan Owens, Tim Matheson, Jen Tullock,Maya

Erskine, Heidi Sulzman

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