By Jan Hamilton

Sean (Theodore Pellerin), a tall, thin teen, is doing his best to take care of his skateboarding brother and his almost comatose grandmother.  One rare night, he sees Alex (Stefanie Scott), a girl from his childhood at an outdoor party.  Though they haven’t spoken in years, they briefly argue and she goes off to swim in a nearby quarry with her macho boyfriend.  Later she is seen walking towards home in her underwear.  A stranger named Cal (Said Taghmaoui) givers her a ride and, at her request, drops her off at a truck stop.  Through a fluke, Alex calls Sean to come get her.  He first takes her back to his place, and after Alex spends a few minutes with Sean’s grandmother, the ill lady undergoes a miraculous transformation.  It is clear that something momentous has happened to Alex. 

First Light is an exciting and fast-paced film.  Theodore Pellerin is expecially good and could be compared to a young Adrien Brody  He, like Brody, can dominate the screen.  The director, Jason Stone, who is also a producer and writer, is certainly one to watch in the future.

Film Credits:

Director:  Jason Stone

Executive Producer:  Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, Jeff Chao,

Justin Begnaud, Fernando Loureiro, Roberto Vasconcellos,

Patrick Roy, Christina Kubacki, Ben Silverman, Lisa Wolofsky

Producer:  Chris Ferguson, Michael Baker

Screenwriter: Jason Stone

Cinematographer: David Robert Jones

Editor: Greg Ng

Production Designer: Lisa Soper

Sound Designer: Eric Paul, Brody Ratsoy

Music: Edo Vanbreemen

Principal Cast: Stefanie Scott, Theodore Pelerine,

Said Taghmaoui

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