By Jan Hamilton 

Two teen girls, Jessie and Angela (Camila Morrone and Mala Mitchel), live with Jessie’s slightly older brother and his roommate after the two girls dropped out of high school.  They both work at a restaurant, like to party and take the occasional recreational drug, and are in love with each other.  Jessie is about to turn seventeen, and as a present, Angela has purchased a vacation in Galveston. Money is tight, but Angela thinks they can work extra shifts in the coming week to make it and still be able to pay the rent.

The brother gets involved in a half-assed drug deal, the girls end up having their possessions stolen by the ripped-off drug dealer. Police are called to check out the robbery, the girls end up in juvenile detention because traces of drugs are found in their room.  After being bailed out, they stop at a party on the way to work, wisely deciding not to do any drugs there, unfortunately theyunknowingly eat some “special” brownies and get wasted.  They arrive at work, beer splashed and brain-fried.  Their normally understanding boss fires them.  They come up with a new plan to make money and it goes a little better than they deserve.

You can’t help but like these two girls, they  are trying to live their lives as they choose, and avoid being taken in by Child Protective Services or  by disinterested relatives.  Their work ethic actually isn’t bad, though some of their choices are. This is a fun comedy with some talented people, besides the two leads.  Kyle Mooney of Brigsby Bear is very good.


Director:  Augustine Frizzell

Executive Producer:  Isaiah Smallman,

David Lowery

Producer:  Toby Halbrooks,

James M. Johnston, Liz Cardenas

Screenwriter: Augustine Frizzell

Cinematographer: Greta Zozula

Editor: Courtney Ware, Augustine Frizzell

Production Designer: Olivia Peebles

Sound Designer: Eric Friend

Music: Sarah Jaffe

Principal Cast: Maia Mitchell, Cami Morrone,

Kyle Mooney, Joel Allen, Kendal Smith,

Matthew Holcomb, Atheena Frizzell,

Spencer Rayshon, Marcus Mauldin, Liz Cardenas

Additional Credits: 

Costume Designer: Annell Brodeur,

Makeup Artist: Meagen D’Von

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