By Jan Hamilton

The title might translate to : Contact me when you are a grown up decent human being.  Ruth Duffy (Rachel Keller) and Jonny Collins (Finn Wittrock) were high school sweethearts who gave up their baby and went their separate ways years ago. Ruth has done okay for herself, as an assistant at a posh school for girls in Manhattan; Jonny, not so much.

He flirts with crime and is pretty sketchy in general. At the funeral of a mutual friend, Jonny takes the opportunity to ask around for Ruth’s address, when he finds her, he asks to get back together, but she knows it won’t work. Jonny starts a scam on a rich woman in a plush apartment building whose child attends Ruth’s school.

The woman, Nan Noble (Emily Mortimer) has a financier husbandwho is under investigation. She is worried the government will raid them and take all the valuables they have at the residence–jewelry and lots of cash.  Nan trusts Jonny, he has convinced her that he is on their social and economic level.  She asks him to hide her treasures in a storage locker.  Ruth gets wind of the deal and acts to sabotage it. Will Jonny be able to convince Ruth that he is worthy of being back in her life? At this point the audience would have to say “no,” but this us a movie, so logic isn’t always needed.

This is an enjoyable film with an attractive cast and a nice fast pace. It’s a drama with some comic moments, and a nice bit of romance.


Director:  Stacy Cochran

Executive Producer:  Karoline Durr,

Eric Heffron, Raife Burchell

Producer:  Stacy Cochran, Alison Beckett,

Adam Gibbs, Jesse Ozeri

Screenwriter: Stacy Cochran

Cinematographer: Robert Elswit, ASC

Editor: Nicholas Ramirez

Production Designer: Michael Fitzgerald

Sound Designer: Michael Barry, Craig Kyllonen

Principal Cast: Emily Mortimer, Finn Wittrock,

Rachel Keller, Scott Cohen, Jessica Hecht,

James Ransone, Andrew Schulz, Tess Frazer,

Afton Williamson, Zarif Kabier

Additional Credits: 

Casting Director: Todd Thaler,

Music Editor: Suzana Perić,

Music Supervisor: Susan Jacobs,

Music Supervisor: Jackie Mulhearn,

Costume Designer: Samantha Hawkins,

First AD: Duccio Fabbri,

Script Supervisor: Ariel Rosner,

Production Supervisor: Jacob Kader,

Post-Production Supervisor: Keetin Mayakara,

Post Production Accountant: Trevanna Post

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