By Mark Saldana

Rating: 3.5 (Out of 4 Stars)

Filmmaker Andrew Hevia decides to escape his troubles at home by taking on a documentary project in Hong Kong. The job is to cover an international art festival there and though the project initially seems pretty straightforward, his personal turmoil changes the nature of things. This in addition to some of the culture shock and the feelings of being lost and confused in a foreign city make his jouney much more personal and introspective.

Andrew Hevia has made a truly remarkable film with Leave The Bus Through The Broken Window. Hevia shares his experiences in Hong Kong and his personal pain very candidly and poignantly. And though the film has its sad, heartbreaking moments, Hevia also manages to have a wonderful sense about his experiences and this is mainly expressed though the use of a robotic voiceover that speaks in the first, second, and third persons.

The movie doesn’t solely focus on the filmmaker, though. It still manages to celebrate and honor the beautiful cultures of Hong Kong, particularly that of the art scene. Hevia presents the amazing city and its people through his eyes and lens and takes the audience through his soul searching. The result is a lovely documentary with a beautifully vulnerable voice.


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