By Mark Saldana

Rating: 3.5 (Out of 4 Stars)

Brian Belovitch has lived a rather fascinating life. Through his childhood, he endured physical and verbal abuse by his father, in addition to feeling uncomfortable in his own skin, and feeling completely unloved and out of place. Brian would later spend his young, adult years in New York City as a man transitioning to a woman. Two marriagesp, and several decades later, Brian has now been living as a man again, happily married to a loving and supportive husband. Director Karen Bernstein and Brian Belovitch himself tell his remarkable true story of a person struggling to define his own identity on his/her own terms and finding the courage and strength to explore gender fluidity to ultimately culminate in an amazing life.

Karen Bernstein has made an absorbing and moving documentary with I’m Gonna Make You Love Me. Brian Belovitch as well deserves high praise for courageously inviting audiences to experience his incredible life with all of its ups and downs, and candidly describing how his mind and heart took him on this amazing journey. Brian obviously is an intriguing individual, Karen Bernstein’s skills as a director helps present Brian’s story in some beautiful and enlightening ways. It is an uplifting film that I must highly recommend.

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