Aisha Dee leads an attractive young cast as the title character Cecilia (Sissy) in this slow building shocker. Directed by Hannah Barlow and Kane Senes, this movie will grab you and not let go.  Cecilia is up and coming influencer with 200,000 followers, she dispenses advice on confidence and self esteem, and never claims to be a professional therapist.  By chance she runs into Emma, a childhood friend she hasn’t seen in years. She invites Cecilia to a karaoke party, then to a girl’s weekend scheduled before her upcoming wedding. Cecilia is hesitant, but agrees.

 The party goes ok, but after a very long drive to the “hen party” she realizes that the hostess is her childhood bully Alex. When they were children, a very unfortunate thing happened, and Alex was maimed, she still bitterly hates Cecilia.  All pleasantness evaporates, Alex starts calling her Sissy, the name she use to taunt her with. Included in the group are Fran, the fiancée Tracy, Emma, and Jamie, a gay guy friend. Except for Emma’s efforts at kindness, Cecilia is mostly ignored. The next morning, on an outing to the creek things start to spiral out of control as one by one the members of the group fall victim to angry revenge.

This is an excellent thriller, well paced and exciting.

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