It’s 1999, New Years Eve in north London where three friends will end the evening in south London at at a big, important club party called “Twice As Nice”. That is, if they can score the expensive and elusive tickets. None of them is loaded, but one seems to think he can talk his ex into getting tickets through her job. This does not go well.
The three belong to a musical group, the friend who acts as the manager wants to tell the others he wants to quit and concentrate on university and work, he can’t find a way to broach the subject.
One is convinced this will be the perfect evening and that he and the new girl he is in love with will have a beautiful kiss at midnight.

The manager of the group works for his uncle and makes a connection to get the tickets, but the person who delivers them is a fierce enemy of one of the group, and large concessions must be made. As the young men drive around in their junker of a car, it’s evident how much they like each other and how much fun they have. 

The three, played by Elliot Edusah, Jordan Peters, and Reda Elazouar, turn in natural performances directed by Reggie Yates. Shiloh Coke is also a standout in a humorous scene. I would recommend this movie, subtitles would be handy for non-Brits.

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