Elisha  Cuthbert and Elon Macken star in this Irish horror film, directed by  Brendan Muldowney.   Set in a creepy yet stately old mansion in the Irish countryside, Keira and Brian Woods and their two teens Ellie and Steven have just moved far from home to start a new business. They will be monetizing social influencers and have set up an office and staff. On their first day in town they must stay late at the office, leaving their kids at the new house. 

The daughter Ellie is dismayed, she has already been mysteriously locked in the cellar, is angry about leaving her friends and is upset that she and her brother are alone. After some strange things happen to her brother, all the lights go out. She calls he mom, who says to check the fuse box in the cellar. It’s pitch dark, but her mom says, it’s just ten steps down, I have counted them. The daughter slowly descends, counting off the steps, she gets to ten and keeps counting, they are cut off, the parents rush home, but Ellie is nowhere to be found. Her brother Steven has no idea what has happened to her, they search for days, call in the police, but no sign.  Soon Steven starts to experience more strange happenings and finally the whole family is involved in a life or death game.

This is a neat little thriller, best watched when you’re not alone, or not after dark.  

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