This film gives a new slant to horror films, with a Hindu back story. Sam (Megan Suri) is a modern American teen of Hindu descent. At the same time, her mom is a housewife who wears beautiful saris, cooks excellent ethnic dishes (that Sam barely eats), and clings to her religion and old superstitions. In a whirlwind of school activities, Sam barely notices that her childhood friend Tamira (Mohana Krishnan) has become strange and haunted. With dark circles under her eyes, unkempt hair, and clothes, she takes her lunch under the school bleachers.

A favorite teacher, Joyce (Betty Gabriel), alerts her to the problem, although as Sam’s popularity has increased over the years, she has left Tamira behind. After a scary encounter between the two where Tamira screams that something is after her, and even Sam can tell there is a real presence threatening them, Tamira disappears. Sam then learns that another Indian family has perished after their son started behaving as Tamira did. Sam takes her new friend Russ (Gage Marsh) to the deceased family’s deserted house to look for written clues but this only results in another horrible death. Sam must now use her mother’s stories and ancient superstitions to unravel the cause of the nightmarish situation.

This film has plenty of scares for the fans of the genre and an attractive and exciting cast. The settings are delightfully creepy, and the tension is real. The director has been working in the field since 2015, with about a dozen films to his credit, many honored at various film festivals worldwide.

Director and Writer:  Bishal Dutta

Starring: Megan Suri as Samidha

                Neeru Bajwa  as mother

                Mohana Krishnan  as Tamira

                Betty Gabriel as Joyce

                Gage Marsh as Russ

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