The film starts with the interview of a presumed pedophile by Deena and Amos, two government agents. Their subject, Gareth, has worked worldwide for various computer and CGI companies. The agents believe he has something to do with a child porn site of a young girl named Cherry; they think he knows where the girl is. It is revealed that he created the site to lure in pedophiles and turn them over to the authorities and has been doing just that for some time now. Cherry is not a natural person; she is a realistic CGI being that he has made and improved to be believable. He strongly resists the agents when they ask him to work with them, using the skills he has developed. He finally agrees after some coercion.

Gareth has almost no personal life; a horrible episode in his childhood has closed him off from others. He often talks to Cherry who is AI, but she is well aware of her job. Over time, she becomes almost self-sufficient and assertive beyond belief. At this point, When we are far into the future, Gareth and Cherry discuss whether AI beings have any rights. We finally learn who Gareth based Cherry on and understand what has driven him over the years. We follow them over the years as he continues to improve the reality of his site, working to save the actual children in the world from the fate of falling into the hands of abusers.

Franklin Ritch is a writer, director, actor, and producer. This project is a unique and powerful story; we are fortunate that Mr. Ritch could put his stamp on the film without compromising his vision. He is effective in the role of Gareth, and Tatum Mathews hits all the right notes as Cherry. This film is very thought-provoking, and its spell lasts long past the end credits; I recommend it.

Director and Writer: Franklin Ritch

Starring: Franklin Ritch as Gareth

                Lance Henriksen as older Gareth

                Tatum Matthews as Cherry

                Sinda Nichols as Deena

                David Girard as Amos

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