We pick up our story two years after the first film, Becky, left off. Now an orphan, sixteen-year-old Becky lives with an elderly black woman who took her in. She works at a diner, and no one wonders why she’s not in school. Becky seems to be doing okay until she encounters rude jerks at the restaurant; she puts them down so hard that one of the group decides to get some payback. They seem to be from the same group she dealt with previously, white supremacists taking time from their usual mission to mess with her.

They find where she lives and almost kill her; they leave with her beloved dog, a survivor of the trouble of two years ago. After recovering, she finds their nearby location and plans to stop their plot to bring chaos to the area. She deals with Darryl and believes him to be the leader, but that proves false. As in our original movie, she rains down terror on the terrorists. She is a master planner and strategist, outmaneuvering them at every turn.

While browsing through Showtime once, I saw the original Becky movie a couple of years ago. It was fun to see sweet Kevin James play a lowlife Nazi type; he was pretty good in the role. We usually have Seann William Scott in a goofy part, but this time, he effectively portrays the cold-blooded group leader. This movie is a bloodbath, with new and ingenious ways found to kill baddies. That’s what folks come for when watching these types of films, and it does not disappoint.

I am looking forward to a highly probable Becky 3.

Director: Matt Angel

Writer: Matt Angel

            Suzanne Coote

            Based on characters created by:

            Lane Skye

            Ruckus Skye

            Nick Morris

Starring: Lulu Wilson as Becky

                Seann William Scott as Darryl

                Kate Siegel as Agent Kate Montana

                Matt Angel as Sean

                Courtney Gains as Twig

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