As my review of Being Mary Tyler Moore stated, I refused to miss a documentary about the iconic William Shatner. As Captain/Admiral James T. Kirk in the Star Trek Original Series and the Star Trek Movie Franchise, Shatner was one of several heroes I admired and aspired to be like. Though his career would go in all kinds of directions, William Shatner always gave his performances his all and touched so many people throughout his career. Directed by Alexandre O. Phillippe, You Can Call Me Bill presents the life and career of William Shatner through the man’s eyes, heart, thoughts, and words. It is a very reflective and pensive piece as Bill faces his inevitable mortality and ponders the mysteries that have eluded humanity for so long.

At the age of 92, William Shatner has led a remarkable life. Born and raised in Canada to conservative Jewish parents, Bill fell in love with acting and the theater as a child and would continue to have that passion for the rest of his life. Whether on stage, on television, or on the cinema screen, Shatner would undeniably make his presence known and eventually become a superstar the minute he donned his Captain Kirk uniform on Star Trek. From then on, his career would undoubtedly have its ups and downs, but his name would be forever cemented in entertainment history.

The documentary not only covers his career comprehensively, but it also presents very personal looks into his thoughts and observations. In 2021, at 90, Bill Shatner would travel to space in real life. Forever changed emotionally by this experience, Shatner shares his most profound thoughts about life, the universe, and everything.
Bill Shatner has not only had a remarkable entertainment career, but he has also had an incredible life that almost everyone can only dream of having.

Along with Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie and Being Mary Tyler Moore, I strongly encourage my readers to check out You Can Call Me Bill when available. It is an incredible documentary guaranteed to stir up existential pondering as Shatner discusses his views on these subjects in great detail. It is a beautiful celebration of an admirable person whose purpose was to experience all that life boldly has to offer and much more.

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