As a fan of Pamela Adlon and Iliana Glazer, attending this headliner screening was a no-brainer. Adlon makes her directorial debut with a heartfelt comedy that pulls no punches regarding marriage, relationships, and pregnancies. Glazer co-wrote the film’s screenplay with Josh Rabinowitz, and co-star Michelle Buteau deliver performances with all-time comedic greatness. This film will give audiences unfiltered hilarity with a lot of love.

Eden (Glazer) and Dawn have been best friends for a long time. Though Eden has remained single and searching for love, her “sister” Dawn has found love, marriage, and two children with her husband (Hasan Minhaj). While Eden has always been there for Dawn through her relationship struggles and pregnancies, it is time for Dawn to support her best friend. Eden finds herself pregnant with her first child through a romantic and passionate one-night stand. The problem is that her baby’s daddy unexpectedly dies before she can reach out to him.

I absolutely loved this film. It is so crazy funny, but at the same time, it feels so real when it comes to portraying the struggles of women who try to juggle careers, relationships, and the ugly aspects of pregnancy. As I stated, this film takes a very unfiltered approach and never shies away from depicting the more nasty elements of childbirth. The film never shows these graphic moments, but they are addressed genuinely and uproariously.

As stated above, both Iliana Glazer and Michelle Buteau are fantastic in this movie. Their chemistry and exchanges come across naturally, and both actors are talented in improvisation. There are so many hilarious lines and moments of dialog that I laughed so much during this screening.

I must also praise Pamela Adlon, who proves herself to be quite skillful in capturing this great story and its characters. Neon has picked up the film and has yet to have a release date, but it is a wonderful comedy that I highly recommend. Babes will get released theatrically on May 17, 2024.

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