SXSW 2024: BOB TREVINO LIKES IT Tugs On All Of The Right Heartstrings

Writer/director Tracie Laymon tells a heartwarming story about an extra special friendship based on her real-life experiences. The film stars Barbie Ferreira and John Leguizamo as two lovely souls who become close friends through the internet and offer each other much love and support. This movie won both the Audience and Jury Awards for the Best Narrative Feature category and deserves to be enjoyed by the masses.

Lily Trevino (Ferreira) is a sad young woman desiring a deeper connection with her father, Bob (French Stewart). Hoping to mend their estrangement, she seeks out her dad on Facebook but accidentally connects with another man with the same name (Leguizamo). The two share multiple exchanges and likes to their posts and eventually meet. However, after spending much time together, Bob (the friend) fears that Lily has an unnatural attachment to him, which further complicates their new relationship.

While the plot may seem unconventional at first glance, Bob Trevino Likes It is far from weird or uncomfortable. It’s a heartfelt depiction of real-life attempts to form a meaningful connection, one that transcends the boundaries of age and circumstance. The result is a poignant and beautiful film that celebrates the transformative power of genuine friendship.

Barbie Ferreira’s portrayal of Lily is deeply moving, capturing the character’s longing and vulnerability with precision. John Leguizamo’s performance as the man who becomes Lily’s unexpected confidant is filled with empathy and warmth. French Stewart’s depiction of Lily’s father is convincingly cold and distant. Bob Trevino Likes It is a film that hasn’t yet reached theaters or streaming platforms, but I sincerely hope it finds its way to the hearts of movie enthusiasts.

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