SXSW 2024 Short: TOSSERS – Uncontrollable belly laughs, anyone?

Directors: Bryce VAN LEUVEN, Chase BLOCK


2023 – 33 minutes

Comedy, TV Series

Hold the phone, stop everything… this comedy tv series was so much fun and the characters so instantly lovable that it simply MUST be green-lit for a full series offering!

Everyone from Bryce Van Leuven (who plays himself) through school Principal Mr Thompson (Antonio Lexerot) were wonderfully entertaining to laugh at and really easy to connect with. Everyone was instantly likable! Fantastic job on the casting for the roles.

The length of the episode was also spot on.. not too long, not too short. Perfect for any group of teens or adults to enjoy binging an entire season together. 

There was dissatisfaction felt when discovering this entry was not awarded winner of the Indie TV pilot competition at this year’s SXSW24 festie. Regardless, the entry was my personal favorite and kind of encapsulates the magic of the SXSW movie festival. It is to Discover gems like this.

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