SXSW Film 2015 Review: RESULTS

By Mark Saldana

Rating: 3 (Out of 4 Stars)

From Andrew Bujaski, the writer/director of Funny Ha Ha and Computer Chess comes this sometimes smart and acerbic comedy about a handful of people who are unhappy for various reasons, but hope to soon discover their happiness while attempting to remain physically fit.  Though not as ingenious of Computer Chess, Results does have enough humor and a superb cast; however, my biggest gripe with the film has to do with the amount of awkwardly unfunny moments that drag the movie down some.

Recently divorced, Danny (Kevin Corrigan) has still managed to hang on to his wealth. Sad, lonely and aimless, he decides to join a gym and get himself into a much better physical condition.  Owner and fitness expert, Trevor (Guy Pearce) assigns the lovely, but no-nonsense Kat (Colbie Smulders) as Danny’s personal trainer.  As the stories and histories unfold, all of the characters reveal how unhappy each truly is despite all of their attempts to alleviate this situation.

Bujaski’s film looks much more mainstream than his previous film Computer Chess, but his style of humor does remain.  The downside here, though, is that the jokes and scenarios don’t always work and the pace of the film suffers for it.  Chess had much more success with Bujaski’s brand of awkward and intelligent humor and this is what kept me engaged throughout.  Unfortunately, this particular film lost me in several parts.

Still, enough of the jokes do work and I loved the casting choices made.  Both Trevor and Smulders shine with their straight-faced portrayals of some rather amusing characters who display some entertaining behavior.  I also really enjoyed seeing Corrigan portray a sad-sack of man, rather than the usual sarcastic and confident dude he often plays.  The movie also features some hilarious turns by Giovanni Ribisi and Anthony Michael Hall.  Results may not be Bujasky’s strongest film to date, but it is worth a watch for its funny characters and amusing moments.


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